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Code Once. Deploy on any Cloud.

Run big data applications in your cloud of choice

No Credit Card Needed - Cancel Anytime

Scalytics is the World's First Intelligent Cloud Scheduler

Predictive Pricing

Quickly see which combination of cloud platforms and on-premise solutions provides the best price and performance for your big data analysis.

Compliance Control

Deploy your workloads to different cloud platforms based on your compliance needs.

Identify Cloud Spend Savings

See all of your workloads across your organization, and how much you can save by deploying to different cloud providers.

The Scalytics Platform

Empowers You to Make Better Decisions.

Scalytics.ai is an AI based open platform for meeting compliance, performance, and cost requirements for public and hybrid cloud applications. Designed by world leading data scientists, Scalytics meets the demands of growing hybrid environments.

The Scalytics Intelligent Scheduler (SIS) helps you make the right decisions in terms of:
1)   Compliance
2)   Cost
3)   Performance

By applying machine learning, Scalytics can provide insight and an audit trail in your application deployment history. Over time, rich metadata will provide insight and a detailed overview into your financial and performance footprint.

The Scalytics "Dream Team"

Seasoned leader with over 20 years experience as a senior technology executive. Has worked at 14 startups and participated in 4 IPO’s.
Al Basseri
Successful entrepreneur, extensive experience in DevOps, Big Data and technology industry working with startups and publicly traded companies.
Alex Alten-Lorenz
Built and sold 3 tech companies, built popular business blog with millions of readers, first marketing hire at WP Engine. Techstars Austin 2013.
Erica Douglass

Works with

All Major Cloud Providers

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